2019: Book “Why Do We Need Taxes? The State as a Common Business”

This book is a guide to the history of general well-being from primitive societies to modern tax systems, created jointly by Ukrainian, Belarusian, German and Czech experts. Tax policy is an indispensable part of our life, even if we do not think about it. Apartment, car, daily purchases and salary – all this is connected with taxation. But why and to whom do we “give away” part of our money daily? What does this give us now and what could ideally give? “WHY DO WE NEED TAXES?” will become a comprehensive reference for students and young professionals, and will also help a wide audience to deepen their awareness of the history and prerequisites for the development of modern finance, economics and jurisprudence. Reading the book, you will get a unique opportunity to travel to primitive hunting camps, Trypillian cities, Mesopotamian canals, Byzantine fortresses, medieval French castles, English ports, Mongolian post stations, Ukrainian Cossack steppe, Petrine Russia and Habsburg Austria.

Навіщо нам податки? Держава як спільний бізнес. Нариси за редакцією Наталії Ковалко та Віктора Мельника. Київ: ТОВ «Якабу Паблішинг», 2019. 240 с. іл. Ознайомчий фрагмент.